Regina & George
New Adventures!

Thanks for stopping by our old wedding website! We’ve moved on from wedding planning and taken on a new couples project: car restoration and electric conversions. We have purchased a 1958 MGA, which we now affectionately call Maggie Mae the MGA. She’s a beauty, but she needs a LOT of work. We plan to convert her into a clean, efficient work of art that relies entirely on electric power.

Didn’t see this coming?

Neither did we. But as two lifelong learners with the goal of reducing our carbon footprint and teaching our kids something useful, this seemed like a fun way to spend more time together and make memories as a family. Feel free to follow along on Instagram @bygeorge_electric where George will attempt, yet again, to impress Regina with his technical expertise while Regina will attempt to keep the garage from exploding. Wish us luck!

Maggie Mae